18 March 2016




Territory: Central Africa, South Sudan Rwnada, Cameroon, Uganda, Congo and Burundi

Marcolin is acknowledged as being a manufacturer of innovative collections, with a range of brands that caters for segments of consumers with closely-defined tastes, without any overlap or standardization. Each line is forged by the incessant interaction between the current scenario and innovative stylistic departures: the process was defined with the objective of creating products that reflect the ideals of their respective brands, while also mirroring latest trends. Therefore this creative process is capable of combining the demands of style with awareness of production techniques and the necessity of total quality: from executive design to prototyping, from the selection of models to their industrial implementation.
From Marcolin’s inception in 1961, Giovanni Marcolin Coffen designed his frame company around the virtues of quality, design and fashion. We are proud that now, 45 years later, Marcolin remains successfully focused on these original hallmarks through a growing number of highly desired and non-competing licensed and proprietary eyewear collections.From fashion-forward product design to high-quality manufacturing, from strategic market distribution to impeccable customer service, Marcolin sets itself apart from the competition.
This is, in essence, the Marcolin Difference!