Fashion & Apparel







As consumerism is rising throughout the African countries, more and more consumers are acquiring the taste for elegant, luxury, trendy and sophisticated brand names in Fashion, Apparel, and Shoes & Sportswear. We have been representing internationally recognized apparel brands in the fashion industry. We offer a strategic network encompassing both wholesale & retail platforms, in addition to taking the responsibility of opening up flagship boutiques in some cases.

Led by a dedicated and professional team, our Fashion & Apparel division acts as regional distributor to many international brands, and takes responsibility for all aspects of marketing, sales and distribution. We use our extended network to infiltrate the market and provide comprehensive coverage and real brand knowledge& awareness throughout the region we serve for each brand we represent.

We specialize in the distribution of top fashion brands including: womenswear, menswear, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. We carefully select the brands that we know our consumers desire and that we can achieve total market success with. Our ability to identify the right opportunities for each brand in every market is what makes us successful. We are constantly adapting to new market structures & needs.

Bubalo Trading works very intimately with each brand to identify the appropriate target market and best distribution channel to ensure success. We offer a diversified structure of services to ensure our brands and customers receive what they need. We deal with aspects from PR & Marketing to sales and customer service to ensure efficient operation on all fronts.