What We Do?

Bubalo Trading is the primary contact for companies looking to enter & grow their business in Africa. We provide a comprehensive service that allows each company to achieve their goal of entering and succeeding in new markets. Our services are uniquely designed to achieve success for each company we work with individually. We provide our brands & manufacturers with after-sales service, market insights and logistical support. We work with our suppliers to implement marketing & sales strategies to secure sustainable growth with each individual brand. With our commitment to helping companies grow, we create a culture behind each name in the very susceptible African market. The consumer voice in Africa has become louder and more outspoken with what they want. Bubalo Trading responds in kind with creating the niche market for your signature brands. We have consumers trusting us, thereby trusting your products. Bubalo Trading has a proven track record with maintaining excellent relationships between our consumers and manufacturers. Our core competency is our ability to bring the right products to the right market and to ensure everlasting success.