Who We Are?

Bubalo Trading is a global company based out of Limassol, Cyprus and Kampala, Uganda focusing on the unique opportunity of bringing multinational brands into the thriving African market. We bring quality and affordability to the African consumer. Bubalo Trading has been influencing consumer preferences and shaping long-term clientele for manufacturers for more than 15 years. African consumers are becoming increasingly aware that better brands, better quality, at better prices, are now more accessible due to Bubalo Trading and our vast distribution & logistics

Bubalo Trading began with the vision of providing quality brand name international products to the people of Africa, and has steadily expanded into one the largest retail & distribution conglomerates supplying most of Africa.

Bubalo Trading has a reputation of building enduring and successful partnerships with top international manufacturers and brands across various business sectors. Our commitment for growth and development is what keeps us ahead in the growing African market. Our in-depth knowledge of all our markets allows us to provide market-based solutions of success for all our partners.

Central Africa

Population: 4.804 million
GDP: $1.723 billion

South Sudan

Population: 39.35 million
GDP: $73.81 billion


Population: 11.34 million
GDP: $7.890 billion


Population: 22.77 million
GDP: $32.05 billion


Population: 37.78 million
GDP: $27.00 billion

Democratic Republic of Congo

Population: 74.88 million
GDP: #33.12 billion


Population: 10.82 million
GDP: $3.094 billion


Population: 14.67 million
GDP: $15.66 billion


Population: 26.79 million
GDP: $38.62 billion


Population: 44.86 million
$GDP: 60.94 billion


Population: 17.09 million
GDP: $12.04 billion


Population: 96.96 million
GDP: $55.61 billion


Population: 4.397 million
GDP: $2.013 billion


Population: 1.688 million
GDP: $18.18 billion


Population: 177.5 million
GDP: $568.5 billion


Population: 24.23 million
GDP: $138.4 billion