Dana Classic




18 March 2016




Territory: Central Africa, South Sudan Rwnada, Cameroon, Uganda, Congo and Burundi


Dana is a perfume brand originally founded in Spain, in 1932. … Dana’s first launch was powerhouse women’s oriental perfume, Tabu, by famed perfumer Jean Carles. … Dana launched a number of notable classic fragrances between the 1930s and 1950s, including men’s scents Canoe and English Dana fragrances were re-tooled over time from prestige fragrances to mass market products. The company also acquired the licenses for several classic perfumes originally produced by other houses, including Chantilly (originally produced by Houbigant), Love’s Baby Soft and the other Love’s series (originally produced by Mem) and Toujours Moi (originally by Corday, then Max Factor). Dana was purchased by Renaissance Cosmetics in 1994, but the company’s bankruptcy in 1999 led to the acquisition by New Dana Perfumes, who later changed their name to Dana Classics.

Dana Classics continues to produce many of the scents originally offered by Dana, and they have re-introduced updated versions of some beloved fragrances of yesteryear, such as Heaven Scent and Toujours Moi, for modern consumers.